Airport Firefighter Jobs



 Being an airport fire fighter is not an easy task given the magnitude of hazardous conditions and the level of expertise required to handle passenger or cargo carrying aircraft in case of fire. All airport firefighter jobs can however be very rewarding. An airport fire fighter's primary role is to rescue people and protect the airport property in case of a fire within the airport. The firefighter does this by responding to hazardous spills to prevent fires and putting out both structural and aircraft fires within the airport when this occurs. The firefighters may also be required to step up and help in snow removal, debris removal after a fire, and in training fuel handlers on fire prevention and safety among other responsibilities.

Airport Firefighter jobs qualifications

For you to qualify for any fire fighter jobs, you need to go through a rigorous physical test that will prove that you are fit for the job given that firefighting is a physically demanding job. Some of the activities involved in physical training include but are not limited to running and climbing up stairs or a ladder with firefighting equipment as would be expected in an emergency situation. Airport firefighters are also required to pass a medical test and a drug test and basically have a clean bill of health to ensure that they can work efficiently even in extreme conditions. A certain level of physical toughness is also required for these jobs as firefighter are expected to withstand treacherous elements in their line of duty.

Apart from the above mentioned tests, one is also required to have the right professional qualifications for these jobs. You must have at least a high school diploma and in most cases some form of training especially in emergency response and other qualifications in the medical field. You are also required to have firefighter certificate from the International Fire Service Accreditation Congress and a certificate from the IFSA on response to hazardous material. Some experience in firefighting or rescue either from a previous job or as a volunteer will also enhance your candidacy and give you an edge over other applicants for the airport firefighter jobs.

Airport firefighters are classified in different categories for example smoke jumpers and regular firefighters just to mention but a few. Each classification requires a certain set of skills necessary to perform given duties adequately and take care of the people and property the firefighters are entrusted to safeguard. 

An extensive background check is carried out for all applicants interested in any of the available airport firefighter jobs. Once an applicant is cleared and declared fit for the job, they are allowed access to restricted areas of the airport and given the go ahead to operate the firefighting equipment.

 Airport Firefighter Pay

Different airport firefighter jobs come with different remuneration packages considered that different skills are required for different responsibilities. Other considerations include the level of expertise and individuals history among others. The average pay for firefighter jobs is currently about $ 40,000. This is for an eight hours shift daily for seven days a week. The exact amount paid to each airport firefighter will depend on many factors and will vary from one individual to the other.